Dark n Light

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I don’t much care for the dark.  My daughter last night, for the first time in months, asked to have the light on outside their room, so that she can sleep.  The dark somehow seemed to dominate her sleep and made her feel alone, even tho her sister was sleeping above her.   Earthquakes in Italy have devastated hundreds of people recently, and having a close connection and friends in the very area it has occurred.   We have been really saddened to see what has happened there.  But watching videos of the people helping each other has made me realise how quickly humanity pulls together when the dark sets in.

My daughters decided to sleep in the same bed for a period of time as they seemed to be both not wanting to be alone.  And I loved how they pulled together when the other needed it.  In photography I always tended to want to remove darkness from a photo, to gain detail, to give it light.  But I have realised that with darkness and with the blacks, you can gain so much more interesting highlight detail.  I guess that is so with life, with bad experiences, with awful things that happen, it can dominate your thoughts, it can take over your perspective, but in the end, it can also highlight the good.  It can bring out the best.

The black tones in a photo can be tempered, controlled, used to benefit.   Our perspective is as a photo, we can create what we want from it, from our minds eye.  We can see what we want to see.

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