Park it.


You’ll never know parks till you have kids and you’ll never want to be in another when they have grown up and left, except maybe for the sake of grandchildren.  So for now, I tend to live at them whenever I can, they are free and the kids are happy.  They are pretty amazing inventions and I don’t know where I would be without them.  But right now the weather is flipping cold unless the sun is out, which it was on Sunday.  This park has an outside gym which seemed, to me, be an area of instrumental torture.  Another great english invention, because we are still convinced we love being outside even when it is flipping cold.  But really, who in their right minds would go to a park in the freezing cold when they don’t have kids to keep happy ? It won’t be me.  For now I love them.  Especially as I get to take photos of them.

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