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I haven’t picked up my camera in nearly 2 weeks, a long time for me, and I’ve missed it.  I’ve had some sort of virus, kindly given to me by Jonathan, who seemed to bear up much better than I did under it [which he will not let me forget].  I’ve decided, of the two of us, I get ‘man flu’, he gets the normal strain of what ever it is.  But with four shoots coming up quickly I needed to get back on track with my shooting partner.

I picked up my camera last night finally, and not wanting to bother with the heavy flash I took the opportunity whilst the girls discovered my bath puff produced more bubbles than their bubble machine.  This, Sofia decided was a win win for all of us, and everyone’s happy.  I get to take pictures, they get to make lots of bubbles [mess] and have a screaming time.  Bless her for being so thoughtful.

I am feeling better, a lot better, and over the last few weeks, I have had a growing gratefulness which I have wanted to express, for, firstly my husband, who over the past 2 weeks has pretty much done all the school runs, and for the first week, pretty much let me rest up in bed.  I have amazing family close by, particularly my mum and dad who arrived one morning to find me in bed, took my two girls out for the whole weekend without question.  I am also so grateful for kind and thoughtful sisters and brothers, who have often come to the rescue in one way or another over the years.

So my buzz word at the moment is definitely gratefulness, it is an antidote for my grumpiness and all things negative.  And I definitely am grateful for bubbles right now.

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