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Portrait Photography

(Including Events, Parties, Christenings and Pets) can start at £100 a session, and can vary greatly depending on where you are and what you are wanting to capture and what you are setting out to achieve, as well as what you wish to take away with you.  I tailor my costs to you as an individual, this personalises your requirements, and helps us get to know each other a little to begin with.  If it is a special party I’m happy to meet up and chat about the event in person.



are a personal passion.  Any kind of wedding is my kind of wedding.  I love them all, whether its registrar, elopement, in a field, in a church or in your house.  I find it a personal joy and privilege to be so closely involved when two people decide to make the commitment to love each other, forever.   My costs start at £600 for midweek, but again, this depends greatly on how you have planned your day, where you are located and what you require of me as as photographer, and what you wish to take away with you.

Ideally if possible I like to meet up with the couple to chat about the day.  I also encourage a pre-wedding, or engagement photography portrait session, this allows us the time and space to get to know eachother in role for the big day.